Kaneyoshi Ryokan - Ryokan in Downtown Osaka

Kaneyoshi Ryokan - Ryokan in Downtown Osaka

Are you planning a trip to the Kansai region? If you are, you are probably looking for a good and affordable place to stay which will enable you to easily visit all the interesting places in the area. One such hotel is the Kaneyoshi Ryokan; an urban-style affordable ryokan located in downtown Osaka, more specifically, in the famous Dotombori district. Kaneyoshi Ryokan enables you to conveniently explore this huge city and the whole Kansai region, while simultaneously having the luxury of staying in a traditional Japanese style rooms. The location is absolutely perfect as it enables you both great access to public transport, and gives you the opportunity to explore Dotombori on foot easily. There are many famous gourmet destinations located around the ryokan. Walking around the town and trying local gourmet food is one of the most enjoyable ways to explore Osaka. Food lovers will also like the fact that the Kuromon Market is located nearby. This famous market deals with a great variety of food including fish, meat, vegetables, and fruits. We could even say that the market supports all of the kitchens in Osaka. The market is also popular among foreign tourists. The location is very easy to find with lots of restaurants in the area. 

The rooms are traditional Ryokan style and provide traditional Japanese rooms with tatami flooring and futon bedding. These Japanese-style guest rooms offer a relaxing atmosphere and great views of the Dotombori riverside and canal. Amenities such as air conditioner, modular bath & bidet toilet, yukata, towels, bath towel, shampoo, conditioner,  tea set, television, telephone (in-house only), alarm clock, hairdryer are included. Also, the staff is really friendly and will help you with any issues you might have.

The hotel includes a large public bath where you can soothe away your travel fatigue in a traditional Japanese-style bath and stretch your legs and relax in the warm water. For me, it is perfect after a long day of sightseeing. This communal bath is open from 6 to 8 in the morning and 16 to midnight.  The front desk offers free luggage storage. An internet PC can be used in the lobby for free. Keep in mind that you leave your key with the front desk whenever you leave, and the front desks closes at 1 AM.

Kaneyoshi Ryokan offers Japanese-style breakfast which consists of dishes of fish and eggs, delicious rice, and miso soup. This tasty breakfast is served in the banquet hall and will give you strength for all-day sightseeing. Dinner is also offered and it is an elegant multi-course kaiseki meal served in your room or the dining hall.

Kaneyoshi Ryokan is located a 5-minute walk from downtown area Dotonbori, and a 10-minute drive from Tsutenkaku Tower. It is an hour away from Kansai International Airport by bus or train so it is easily accessible. The staff is extremely friendly and always happy to help and explain everything. The front desk is always tidy and ready for accepting guests. Various brochures and flyers are available and are useful for your stay while in Osaka.

This is certainly one of the most affordable and best Japanese-style hotels in Osaka. If you enjoy what you see here, I suggest that you visit their website and learn more about them.

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