Ninja WiFi – up to 20% off for pocket Wi-Fi in Japan

Ninja WiFi – up to 20% off for pocket Wi-Fi in Japan

When planning a trip to Japan one of the things that you definitely have to take into consideration is how to stay connected to the internet. Even though Japan is a modern high-tech country, it can be quite hard to find reliable Wi-Fi connections there. Many of the so-called free Wi-Fi hotspots require you to fulfill surveys and registered there with your real data, or they have data caps and very slow speeds which certainly won't satisfy you. That is why I definitely recommend that you get a pocket Wi-Fi router from a reliable company. That way you will be able to stay connected to the internet wherever you go since the majority of Japan is well covered. All you need to do is charge Wi-Fi router when it's runs out of power and you will stay connected at all times. 

If you decide that you would book a pocket Wi-Fi router, I wholeheartedly recommend that you check out Ninja WiFi and the services they offer. I used ninja Wi-Fi on my trip across Japan and I have to say that I was extremely satisfied. They offer reasonably priced unlimited use of high-speed 4G LTE that is available all across Japan. No matter which part of the country visited, I was always well connected with high speeds and reliability. Ninja WiFi has a pickup and drop off desk at many terminals across Japan and I found that quite convenient. When I arrived at Narita airport and recovered my luggage, I immediately went to the Ninja WiFi pick up desk, told the staff my name and my reservation code and I got my Wi-Fi router. It was that simple! 

I was able to immediately connected the internet and notify my family that I had arrived safely in Japan. Another reason why this is really good is the fact that it gives you the ability to use Google Maps and other types of navigation apps that rely on internet connection. Thanks to this I was able to quickly and easily find the best route to my hotel. As I already said, the speed off the internet connection was extremely satisfactory. I was able to watch HD videos, browse web pages, and use apps on multiple devices at the same time without any problems. The device itself is quite small and compact which makes it easy to carry

All in all, I think that getting a good pocket Wi-Fi device is a necessity on a trip to Japan and that you should definitely book one. Make sure to visit Ninja WiFi and check out all the things they have to offer to you. Also, if you book using the link on our website you will get a discount of up to 20%.  So if you are going to Japan soon and want to have a good and reliable Internet connection, look no further than Ninja WiFi!

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